Nikiko’s Creative Projects


  • “What We Could Carry” a solo performance of Japanese American memory, more info here.
  • Valley Storytellers Project (launched in 2012, media coverage 1 & 2) has three goals:
    1. Create a space of empowerment for people to tell stories (Focus: People)
    2. Engage in collaborative and public art-making (Focus: Public)
    3. Illuminate Voices, stories, & art in and about the Valley (Focus: Place)
  • Rites of Passage” – a digital story created in a workshop facilitated by the Center for Digital Storytelling. Currently part of an exhibition in San Diego at the Center for Community and Cultural Arts and soon to be on display at the San Diego Museum of Man (April 2013).
  • Writing on farming, an example here.

much, much, more to come….


Writing About Nikiko:

“Nikiko Masumoto’s one-woman play tells stories of Japanese American Internment” by BoNhia Lee, Fresno Bee (Feb 2013)

“The Voyage Home: Carving out Roots” by Miriam Pawel, Zocalo Public Square