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Economics and business will not adequately explain the work we do – it will take story and art. That’s why Mas writes and that’s why we approach our work as artisans. There is a type of art to our approach of farming – and the power of story captures the emotional and the physical nature of our work.

We have always felt our story is best told by story.

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Stories About Mas and His Writing

LETTING GO from Fresno Bee April 2010

by David Mas Masumoto

My father died this month. You may know him from my stories about his talking with grapevines during an annual sojourn into winter pruning or learning to walk on uneven ground following his first stroke.

He was neither famous nor wealthy. He was quiet and hard working. A good man with a shovel in his hands.

When we lose our fathers we lose a buffer between death and our own mortality.

My father suffered a major stroke in 1997, but through hard work and therapy, he recovered adequately – and even re-learned how to drive a tractor. I realized we had switched roles; I was the teacher and he was the student.

A second major stroke five years ago knocked him off his feet. My mother became his primary caregiver. We all did the best we could. Yet I began to dread the ring of the phone late at night.

A few weeks ago, a final stroke took him. In his last moments, I held his rough hands. Throughout the years, they continued to manifest the many years in the fields with their old, ingrained calluses.

He was strong and independent with a stubborn streak that was both his strength and weakness. He willed himself to recover after each set back, yet struggled when he needed assistance. Finally, he had to accept help and we were fortunate, not everyone does…read the full article

Writer inspires pride for Iolani from Honolulu Star 2004

Students welcome David Masumoto with a collection of food with special meaning.
By Nicole Tanabe, Iolani School

If you thought the aloha spirit only reached those across the span of the Hawaiian Islands, think again.

In honor of the late distinguished AP English teacher Harold Keables, Iolani School annually dedicates two weeks to Keables’ passion: learning.

This year, Iolani School was fortunate to have award-winning author, eloquent public speaker and passionate farmer David Mas Masumoto, who inspired the Iolani community with his quiet knowledge and gentle insight… read the full article.

Prior Radio Appearances

David Mas Masumoto appeared on the following radio shows or programs. Listen to the audio recordings:

An Organic Conversation with Helge Hellberg – San Francisco, Calif (Aug 29, 2009)

Steve Scher, KUOW, Seattle (August 25, 2009)