“O, U Fab!” Fruit

In 2014 we were inspired by the “Ugly Fruit” movement in Europe, and we created a new program we call “Organic, Ugly & Fabulous!” or “O, U Fab!”  This is both Masumoto Family Farm’s local connection for fruit & our effort to radicalize how we view the aesthetic value of food. Move over narrow definitions of beauty, “O, U Fab!” is about the whole-body experience of eating and loving “ugly” and “imperfect” fruit.

Testimony from a pleased ugly fruit supporter:
“My belly is happy.”
“Best nectarines I ever tasted!”

Generally how it works:

  • We’ll post a pre-order form here 24 or 48 hours before a sale (typically one box is 9-10 pounds and $20)
  • You’ll fill it out and the day of the pick-up, we’ll send you a map to our farm (about 20 min. south of Fresno)
  • You’ll come at the specified date and time to pick-up & pay for your lovely fruit & enjoy!
  • To stay up to date, like us on facebook (Masumoto Family Farm) where we post upcoming sales

2016 LAST round: Le Grand Nectarines available for pick-up Thursday!

(make sure you scroll down within the form box to click the submit button)