Documentary captures Masumotos in real life

by David Mas Masumoto, Fresno Bee, Sunday April 24th

A documentary about our family and our farm will be aired nationally on PBS in late April and May. When we were first approached by the filmmakers, we asked ourselves: Why us? Who cares?

Being the subject of a film builds your ego and humbles you at the same time. A camera follows you around, and in our case, a crew visited for over a year and a half on 14 different multiple-day stays in our home and on the farm. We were wired to a microphone, a camera stuck in our faces, and we were supposed to “act natural.”

All this effort aimed to capture a good story. We were self-conscious at first but got used to the camera and mic; in a way, we began to perform our everyday life, believing we had something to say.

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