Adopt A Tree

2017 Adopt-A-Tree Applications 

2017 Adoption Applications are now open!  This year we have split our applications. Applications due by February 20th.

Apply HERE if you are a new team. (A “new team” is a team whose majority of members have not participated before. Please be sure to read the descriptions below before applying.)

Apply HERE for returning & veteran teams.

All applications are due by February 20th.

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About the Program

Peaches ready to harvestMeet one of our old heirloom peaches: Elberta

Elberta is one of those old fashioned, creamy, buttery smooth peaches with a bright yellow flesh and a golden skin when ripe. Some of you will remember the magical name – Elberta – memories of a family tree in the back yard or eating one a long time ago.

See the ripe nectarines!

Meet one of our favorite nectarines: Le Grand.

The Le Grand has been called the “granddaddy of nectarines” – with a sexy nectarine flavor that blends both high acid and high sugar in a luscious combination of flavors. The flavor screams out joy.

So how can you get a taste of these treasures? By adopting a tree!

Program Requirements:

  • A love and appreciation for organic heirloom stone fruit.
  • Time & affection to devote to a tree, reading updates about the tree throughout the year and coming to harvest your own tree.
  • Preparation and hunger to feast on approximately 300-400 pounds of peaches or nectarines. (In an ideal year, each tree will produce this much fruit per year.)
  • And a team of others who love peaches and/or nectarines enough to do it with you! The adoption fee for one tree is $650. Harvest teams are limited to 6 people per Saturday (6 is the maximum per team per Saturday – you can have fewer – and the 6 harvesters can be different each Saturday. Plus you can share the fruit with as many people as you want).

You can adopt either an Elberta or Le Grand and if you’re hungry enough (or have hungry friends) you can adopt both.

 A Note About Harvest

  • You must reserve the last two Saturdays in July and the first two Saturdays in August as possible delivery dates when you will come and harvest your trees on our farm. The harvesting will take place on two consecutive Saturdays within that range of time. About a month before we will make the call and notify all teams. We cannot predict the exact dates in advance, and will only be able to provide a few weeks notice (this is about working with nature).
  • Harvesting will start early in the morning (about 7:00am) and must finish by late morning (it can be terribly hot in Fresno – 100 degree days are common) – and you and your team will be responsible for all the work. We will have an orientation session to teach everyone how to harvest.
  • You will harvest on two Saturdays because of the nature of the fruit: not all of them will ripen at the same time. When you come pick on the first Saturday, some fruit will be very ripe (ready to eat on the spot), some ready to eat in a few days after picking, and the rest will wait for the next harvest day. So prepare for a variety of fruit – peaches and/or nectarines you’ll eat or give away that day or bake and prepare a few days later… welcome to the life of a farmer.
  • By the way, you can always split the harvest days with others on your team – some taking the first Saturday and others the second. But please do not abandon your babies! Your team will be responsible for harvesting your babies on BOTH Saturdays.

How It Works:

Step 1: Complete and submit the adoption application by the stated deadline. You may adopt an Elberta peach tree, a Le Grand nectarine tree, or both.

Information you’ll need for your application: team name, team leader, contact information, harvest team members & e-mails (each team can bring a maximum of 6 people per harvest day, so the maximum number of harvest team members is 12). Plus a written or video submission in response to the prompts.

Step 2: The Masumoto family personally reviews all applications and works hard to match loving adoption applicants with each Elberta and/or Le Grand tree; however, we can only accept a limited number. We love that this program is growing!

Step 3: If accepted, your team leader will be notified some time in March and given detailed information about payment and adoption logistics. The adoption fee is $650 per tree or $1,300 if you adopt both. The adoption fee will be due early in the season (March or April, we’ll let you know the exact deadline).

Step 4: Stay in touch & keep up abreast of our e-mail “Field Notes.” They will contain vital information about the season & when you’ll come to the farm to harvest.

Step 5: YOU WILL BE DOING THE HARVESTING and will keep all your organic peaches and/or nectarines (approximately 300-400 pounds or more per tree – all dependent on nature and the weather). You must keep the last two Saturdays of July and the first two Saturdays of August committed to harvest. We will harvest two consecutive Saturdays within those ranges.

Step 6: Eat, cook, preserve, enjoy, make memories.