How Can I Get Your Nectarines or Peaches?

Depending on where you are, there are several ways to find our fruit! Our first variety is picked in late May and our last is picked in August. The vast majority of our fruit stays in California.

Anywhere: follow us on facebook (Masumoto Family Farm) or Nikiko (@nmasumoto) on twitter. Although not comprehensive, we try to post and tweet as many destinations as we can during the crazy days of summer harvest. At this time, we aren’t shipping directly to individuals.

Adopt A Tree: One very intimate option is to apply to our Elberta Peach or LeGrand Nectarine Tree Adoption Program (applications open once a year in January). This is a small program and very competitive. We try to connect adoptive teams with their trees, the story of their food, and our farm.

In the Central Valley: We run an “O.U.Fab” (“Organic, Ugly, and Fabulous”) pick-up program. It’s like a flash-sale meets on-farm pick-up of “ugly” fruit. See our O.U.Fab page for more info.

In the Bay Area: We ship directly to Berkeley Bowl (Berkeley) and BiRite Market (San Francisco), two of our favorite places (follow Nikiko on twitter to learn of exact shipping dates @nmasumoto). Our peaches can also often be found at Chez Panisse (Berkeley) and Water Bar (SF). We have also shipped a lot of fruit to Whole Foods in Northern California. In the past our peaches have also been on the menu at the French Laundry (Napa).

In Southern California: We work directly with some restaurants in Southern California: Clementine Bakery / Cafe (Santa Monica) and our fruit also ends up in markets like Gelson’s and Bristol Farms.

In the Pacific Northwest: Both PCC Natural Markets in Seattle, WA and New Seasons in Portland, OR frequently carry our peaches and nectarines.

Around the Country: We know that some food co-ops in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area support our farm every year and carry our peaches and nectarines. Our fruit is often in AJ’s Fine Foods in Arizona. We’ve also heard that occasionally our fruit ends up in Whole Foods in NYC.

Can We Come to the Farm?

We are a real working farm. We have learned the importance of balancing our desire to share and educate with the hard work of farming, thus we have designed PARTICULAR opportunities for sharing and engagement: the Elberta Peach Tree Adoption Program and other special events (see our events calendar). If you would like to see our farm, we ask that you honor our work and consider ONLY the aforementioned opportunities.

Is David Mas Masumoto available for speaking and/or Literary Events?

Yes AND No. David Mas Masumoto speaks at many public events throughout the year. Unfortunately, he cannot accept every invitation that is offered to him. He does his best to do as much as he can, while never missing the work that needs to be done on the farm (an incredible feat of scheduling indeed). But he also loves to interact with others and groups – please contact him.

How Can I Get a Sun Crest tree?

A few local nurseries sell Sun Crest trees, they can often be found at Intermountain Nursery (Prather, CA) and Belmont Nursery (Fresno, CA). Sun Crest is a USDA developed tree and therefore readily available to the public – part of the government working to assist small farmers. At the Masumoto Family Farm we enjoy that idea – government working for the common good.

Where is your farm?

We are located approximately 20 miles south of Fresno, California.
Do you give “farm tours” or other public events?
We have created special events for public interaction: the Elberta Peach Tree Adoption Program (application process begins in January) and other special events (see calendar). And because we’re working hard, we canNOT accommodate drop-in visitors.

Do you do farmer’s markets?

In the past, we have sold our fruit in local Farmer’s Markets. At this time, our operation is not set up for Farmer’s Markets; we simply don’t have the “people power” and our trees produce too much volume. However, as mentioned earlier, we have created a “direct marketing” opportunity: the Elberta Peach and Nectarine Tree Adoption Program.

Do you really farm?

Yes. There are no “arm chair” or “windshield” farmers in on our farm. Everyone in the Masumoto family is involved with farm work and David Mas Masumoto works most days until the last light of day has dispersed.

How does Mas have time to write?

It’s a challenge – Mas tries to squeeze in writing everyday and especially in the off-season during winter months. Amazingly he has managed to produce a book every two to three years. Epitaph for a Peach was published in 1995. Harvest Son in 1998. Four Seasons in Five Senses in 2003. Letters to the Valley in 2004. Heirlooms in 2007. And in 2009, Wisdom of the Last Farmer. He also manages to write a regular column for the Fresno Bee and has been published in numerous other publications.

What restaurants serve your peaches and nectarines?

In the past, our peaches and nectarines have been “on the menu” at these fine restaurants: Blue Hill, New York; Per Se, New York; Zuni Cafe, SF; Waterbar, SF; Chez Panisse, Berkeley; Flea Street Cafe, Palo Alto, Napa Rose, Anaheim, Craft, Los Angeles; Clementine, Los Angeles. (Note: if you know of others, please contact us!)

How do I get your raisins?

We currently produce for Sun-Maid Growers of California, which is a farmer cooperative. Our raisins are found in their organic packages.