Our Fruit

We farm organically and sustainably.

We define our work as:

  • farming that is environmentally responsible,
  • farming that is economically viable, and
  • farming that is socially just.

We began farming organically in the 1980’s and are certified by California Certified Organic Farms.

We farm stories.

We also believe that part of the power of food lies in the stories it carries and the exchanges it invites when we eat together.

We invite you to explore the stories we’ve written and shared, you’ll find many links on the Writing & Art page.

Peaches & Nectarines

To find out where you might taste some of our tree fruit, like us on facebook (Masumoto Family Farm) or follow Nikiko Masumoto on twitter (@nmasumoto).

Check out our “fruit tracker” and for a local connection, check out our “O.U.Fab” or “Adopt-A-Tree” program. 

Our Peaches

Our harvest season starts in late May and extends through mid-August. We have seven varieties of peaches, each chosen because of their flavor and nurtured with our hands. We dream of a food system in which the names of each variety are known by eaters who study and care for them as we do. In chronological order of harvest, here are our seven:

Spring Lady

June Crest

Gold Dust

Flavor Crest

Sun Crest



Our Nectarines

Though the original acreage of this farm had nectarines, in the 2000s we re-welcomed nectarines to our farm. We currently have three varieties.

Rose Diamond

Spring Bright

Le Grand


Our Grapes

Our oldest grapevines carry the stories of nearly a century. They are all Thompson Seedless grapes. These sweet small berries turn from green to purple when we make sun-dried raisins at the end of every summer. We’re one of the many co-op farmer-members of SunMaid, our organic raisins get packed in their organic line.